Lovely to meet you, I'm Justine, owner and designer.


Having a maker Mum and Nana encouraged me from an early age to use my creativity and imagination.  I’ve always been fascinated with fabric and textiles, colour and light, and have an abiding love of fashion.


Creative industries weren’t exactly encouraged when I was at school so my career path to now has been quite diverse; including a nightclub bouncer, a stint in a factory packing boxes, and running a bistro!  For the last ten years I’ve worked in the corporate world in organisational and business development - gaining all the skills I needed to start out on my own.  Alongside the shop, I also teach leadership skills at a foundation degree level (get in touch if you'd like to know more!).

I started Fox & Bee in the summer of 2019 and I'm supported by great people, providing all the necessary love, laughter, tea and biscuits (by the bucket load!) along the way.



My mum, “the Chief” on Tuesdays.

Does a mean cuppa and is great at flicking about the duster



Head of excellent ideas, moving things about and eating all the chocolates



The newest team member, Ev's really good at trying! Excels at "literally" EVreything and is a good all round egg.